Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama ! Muach ''

Today is my beloved mother birthday '' we are celebrated at night . At the day my mother was busying with her office chores . At the day we made a simple preparation for her .
My sister bought this banana cake with peanut at the bottom , the outside covered with white chocolate '' what a tasty ! There are a strawberry , a cherry and the chocolate fans around the cake . This cake made from Milky's Cake Shop . Milky's as one of the best cake shops in district of Kluang's. My brother gave the money to buy this cake . We are cooperated each other to make my lovely mother's day shining all the time .
SATAY's is main menu for this tonight . There are Satay Ayam and Satay Daging . My father burned the satay on his own helphing by my brother-in-law . Huhu ! Every years our family must order the satay .
Look ! We are awesome families '' keep smiling all the time ! Actually we forced my brother to get into the camera . Haha ! I was a photographer on that night '' there was a few actions from us ! We are gathering together to celebrate our beloved mother night . Our celebration is located at my home basic kitchen . Hehe ! The place where we eating together and the place where my mother dating with my father . Opsss...

However mama we really glad to say we LOVE you so much ! No one is able to replace yours in our heart '' You are very supportive mother . We are so please to say once again Happy Birthday and may God's bless you all the time . Plus , we always pray for your happiness and health . Pay extra care on your health and keep smiling . The smiling as one of the 'sedekah'. Mama we love you ! Muah ''

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