Friday, December 17, 2010

[Recount] [a] [time] [when] [I] [felt] [uneasy]

This story totally about my condition during i felt anxious '' First of all i wanna send my apologize if my English quite worse . Just wanna to try write in English . I have been created this story . I took 3 days to recall the memories and my mood as well . Have a read bloggers .

 I looked at myself in the mirror , going through the same routine that i forced myself to endure each day before the Big Day came . My mouth curled itself into the appropriate contortions to produce unfamiliar words , but beauty was not high on my list now . I had to pass my oral test or I would be the laughing stock of all my friends .
  When i first toyed with the idea of learning " Bahasa Arab " as a third language in school , everyone i knew laughed . After all, a third language was ludicrous whwn i did not even succeed in learning it . The more i was derided for trying to bite off more than i could chew , the greater my determination to prove my detractors wrong .
  Needless to say , i was demoralised . When i told my friends of my progress they roared with laughter as they reminded me of their dire forecasts before i signed up for the class . My pride was naturally hurt .
   The situation became worse when the examiner glared at me as i stew in my own juice . OMG ! when the time came , i just could not open my mouth ! I had anticipated the question and practised saying it a hundred times . Huh ''
   Finally, i was able to open my mouth by answering all the question given . Alhamdulillah .. Nothing i was so nervous by now that i could not have said a thing to save my life .
  I practically crawled out of the room , into the bright sunshine and the laughter of my friends as they saw my woebegone expression .

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