Thursday, March 31, 2011

Full Of Happy

Alhamdulillah^^ my current life is better than before . In the past day , many things have happened to me which are memorable . I had scored very good result in school even my school life . Then , i had declared with someone that for sure now is officially mine . No one can take "...." from me . I am totally happy . Alhamdulillah , we were happy together , we try to be more understanding couple's . Knowing that life's is not all sunshine and rainbows, there's some tragic news which i wish to share . My friend mother's passed away last week and he is feeling very devastated . I am sure you know how close they were . But i will never let him be , non-stop giving him moral support . Yesterday , my laptop was hecked . Arghh ! Now i have to use my brother's laptop . Plus , he left his laptop here . I rarely using his laptop . I had no idea about my laptop . The laptop was not able to turn on . After i pressed the button on , the screen is changed into black colour and appeared many of words that asked me to reboot . Arghh' i did not know about this . Now my laptop went to clinic to be checked with the pro . Haha^^ . Most of the past day , I and ekal were looking for a job . We were looking for a job everywhere . Our main focused is meal restaurant la . Because both of really eager want to work there . Now , we are waiting for the calls . Haish '' what a hard to seek a job now . The first intake for IPTA would be on september . What a jerk ! And the first intake for Maktab Perguruan would be on June if i am not mistaken la . Actually i wish to ask all my peers go to Gunung Lambak to rest our minds for a while . But they are totally busy with their own works . Hmm^^ when the past will be a fact .

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