Friday, April 1, 2011


The advices from them , take it as much as i could :

Ayah : If you are feeling uneasy take wuduk's and perform the solat sunat and recite the Quran's .

Mama : Berzikir and berzikir . Remember HIM . Mama is here with you . Come here and hug me .

BM Teacher's : Kesedihan akan menjadi kegembiraan pabila kita handal menerokai dunia ini .

BI Teacher's : Don't you ever do something without thinking . Silent yourself and think the positive and negative .

MATH Teacher's : Fazil you are a strong boy . You got a strong mind . Use your intelligent brain if you facing a     problem

ADD MATH Teacher's : Look forward and let the past chasing after you .

SCIENCE Teacher's : See you result still consistant even you sleeping in the class . BUT ! Do not be a careless boy , because our fate can change in blinking an eye .

PEND. ISLAM Teacher's : Fisabilillah

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