Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rubbish talking but having a noble heart's

The concept of my life is totally easy la kalau kau baik dengan aku , aku akan baik dengan kau . Tetapi aku bukan la jenis pendendam . Everything is happen we settle it out immediately here . I am a type of speaking directly without coverless . But i will talk the fact not the pointless talking . Even my speaking is hurts your feeling just ignoring that . Because i am the type of love to joke . But i did not mean to hurt any feelings . Wookey ! Make it smooth , i do not like the people who is making their faces in front of me . The major reason i hate so is i do smile while meeting with peoples . Not because i really eager to judge or to underestimate someone . I am totally know about myself i am not as good as you . I do love the cheerful environment which mean my environment is full of happiness . I will consider with the environment . Plus , i will be adpating the environment in my life . I do not know how to yell or mad someone . I am a humble person . But please do not make trouble with me without no reason . If i do wrong i will come to you and say i am sorry . If i do not wrong i will ignore you . If you already get into me you will know who am i and you will never forget my laughing , speaking , acting and so on . Most of the peoples would be thought that i am an arrogant person because i will not say anything to the unknown person . I will keep an eye toward you and step by step i will greet you politely . I will be underlining your attitudes and will be nice with you . I am a friendly person . Do not afraid to be friend with me . Thank you for being nice with me :)

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